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A tailored and comprehensive franchise system ensures your franchise success. With more than a decade’s experience working with leading franchise brands in Asia and a portfolio of over 250 clients from a diverse range of industries, we have ample expertise in the best franchise practices to design a franchise system customised for your business. We adopt a holistic approach to franchise systems development, so our consultants take into account all aspects of your franchise, including your intellectual assets, financial analysis, legal matters, market entry approach, operations documentation and training programs.
  • Franchise system development
  • Franchise strategies
  • Franchise policies
  • Franchisee audit
  • Franchise feasibility study
  • Franchisee training system development

Franchise Brokerage

Leveraging on our international network of more than 27 countries, we provide end-to-end marketing and negotiation services for your franchise, licensing and other business opportunities. From developing your franchise marketing collaterals to identifying and negotiating with potential business partners, we will guide you in every step on the path to cementing your partnership deals.
  • Franchise marketing
  • Franchise negotiations
  • Business matching events & activities

Intellectual Property Management

Your business has a unique set of intellectual properties (i.e. trademarks and patents) and intellectual assets (i.e. technical knowledge) which, when well-protected and appropriately managed, gives you a tremendous competitive edge. It is our goal to help you identify, protect, manage and leverage on your IP to achieve optimum results.
  • IP commercialization strategies
  • Spring Singapore ICV IP business diagnostics program
  • Trade marks registration

Franchise Training Workshops

Wondering if franchising is suitable for your business? Or how business to expand your business? Our customized training workshops will help you find the answers. Our practical curriculum takes you through the necessary considerations and prepares you for your desired business growth paths.
  • License feasibility study
  • License system development
  • License strategies & policies

Systemization for Business Growth

The development of operations manuals & systems are not only for franchisors. If your company is looking to expand your business, or set up branch offices, factories or facilities, systemising your business operations will help to grow your business more efficiently, increase staff productivity and makes staff training easier. More importantly, your company’s intellectual assets such as expertise and trade secrets need to be securely protected as the business grows.
  • Franchise Operations Manuals
  • Processes Systemization
  • Franchisee Training Program
  • Productivity Enhancement Program

Technology for Business Growth

Delivering a high-quality & consistent experience to your customers via your owned and franchise outlets is a constant challenge amongst all brand owners. Fortunately, overcoming this hurdle with effective staff training is made easier through the use of technology. With our expertise in curriculum development, your staff training can be accelerated through our customized learning management systems and mobile learning platforms.
  • Learning management systems
  • Mobile learning platforms


If you are seeking to commercialise your product, service, program or intellectual assets, licensing may be a viable channel. We help to evaluate them and develop the right licensing program for them.
  • License feasibility study
  • License system development
  • License strategies & policies

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