Protecting intellectual properties (IP) during China expansion

Enabling Franchise Success

Ednovation Pte Ltd was founded in 1991 by Dr. Richard Yen with the aim of invigorating traditional methods of teaching by harnessing the capabilities of new technology. One of the company’s products, EdnoLand, is a comprehensive online program that nurtures the pre-schooler’s multiple intelligences and language skills using IT.

Dr. Yen has also started a chain of premium childcare centres in Chong Qing (重庆), known as ChildFirst Kindergarten (才儿坊幼儿园), which primarily uses this e-learning platform to deliver its proprietary bi-lingual curriculum. For example, this IT-enabled teaching method delivers uniform, high-quality English lessons and reduces the burden on the English teachers. Parents are also able to closely monitor their child’s progress using an online portal. Most importantly, it protects the core intellectual properties of the business – its curriculum, thus preserving the brand’s competitive edge.

During the development the franchise system, it was crucial for the Altiply consulting team to ensure that there is good integration of ChildFirst’s IT system and IP protection measures with its China franchise operation, to achieve better control for the Franchisor. The team also recommended specific China-centric franchise strategies.

The brand now has a China network spanning 5 major cities, with over 18 centres, and more centres to come.