From Distributor to Franchisor

Enabling Franchise Success

As business environments evolves so quickly, it is becoming essential for businesses to have more than one business model to ensure competitiveness. Enter Perllini & Mel, a business that flourished in the ever-changing Singaporean retail environment for more than two decades. With strong brand awareness and product management experience in place, Perlini & Mel is ready for expansion beyond Singapore.

As a distributor, Perllini & Mel relied solely on its retail partners, such as multi-store boutiques and departmental stores in product sales. While these business channels are essential to the brand, Perllini & Mel had great plans for the company to expand and build strong brand awareness internationally, via franchising.

The management launched a standalone boutique featuring the handbags and fashion accessories for both the Perllini and Mel brands. This boutique serves as a flagship store to be showcased in franchising.

With the boutique completed, the company then ventured into online retailing. With different business channels, franchising and online retailing as part of the company’s business model, good management is required to reap maximum benefits.

Altiply worked closely Perllini & Mel to create a replicable franchise system for the brand’s greater foray into the international scene. The franchise system developed by the Altiply Consulting team takes into consideration the situation as well as the nuances of the fashion retail trade. The result is a flexible franchise system, customized for Perllini & Mel. The Altiply consulting team is also involved in marketing the franchise opportunity and negotiating with prospects. By combining an attractive business proposition, robust franchise system and fashionable products, the brand was poised for aggressive expansion via franchise in the region.