Skin Inc has grown rapidly in its reach in Asia, Europe and North America through franchising.

Skin Inc is the world’s 1st skincare supplement bar, offering highly concentrated, 100% pure and active serums and skincare formulations from Japan. With its headquarters in Singapore, the Skin Inc brand quickly gained market recognition with its Daily Dose, an individualised serum customised specifically for each customer based on their unique skin condition.

Skin Inc appointed Altiply Consulting (previously known as A. S. Louken Franchising) to develop a franchise framework to bring the brand internationally.

The franchise programme was implemented with unit franchisees in Singapore, and Skin Inc eventually found its first overseas franchisee in Brunei. This was quickly followed by franchisees in Spain and Vietnam.

Skin Inc 2

Skin Inc
Today, Skin Inc’s stores can be found not only in Singapore, but also in Spain and Brunei. Skin Inc’s products are can also be found in Sephora stores (the largest cosmetics chain) in Singapore, United States, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and Thailand.